[Indian: Punjab Palace] Mini Brick Lane


If you’re looking for a tiny (tiny) version of Brick Lane in Montreal, the area around Jean-Talon Street W, close to Metro Station Acadie if probably your best bet.

For A’s birthday, we were hoping to beat the queue at Bombay Mahal. but by the time we managed to gather everyone, the line was already in the way of that of the restaurant next by. we tried next door, same thing. finally we stopped hopping around and committed to the establishment with purple decor lights. half an hour alter, we were seated. no bad.

Punjab Palace is an OK place. The veggie pakora were DELICIOUS and definitely the highlight of the meal. perfectly crunchy, they came with a delicious cashew dipping sauce.

The butter chicken on the other hand was quite a disappointment. as much as I love tomatoes in the sauce, these were just too overwhelming.

Similar case with the lamb curry. it wasn’t drenched into red fruits, but sadly had the most bizarre taste. I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly displeased me, but knew that this version was definitely not my favorite.

Even the nan wasn’t that much excitement. not buttery enough to my liking and perhaps not big enough. not that I’m the greedy type – or maybe yes, when it comes to food – but if there is one type of food where I expect generous ( massive) portions, it is definitely Indian.

Thankfully everyone was in a great mood for A’s special day and the ambiance was pretty awesome. the BYOW policy certainly contributed to make us overlook the few inconveniences :)


Punjab Palace on Urbanspoon

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