[London: José] elbow war

DSC07167I get a bit annoyed with bars too cool for stools.

José is generally speaking a great place. The vibe is great, the tapas will make your date forget you’re around, and even the tall English guy who greets you at the door somewhat embodies the deep Spanish spirit that impregnates this establishment.

but when one is that popular, one must get more stools.

Stools have two functions. The obvious, they seat your clients. The less obvious – they avoid elbow wars. Stools naturally draw the limits of one’s allowed gesticulating space. I know, it’s not a Spanish thing to sit. But at least the Spaniards don’t whack strangers.

José, I really want to like you. but please, give that girl a stool. She’s been whacking her elbows into my hips all night and no, she wasn’t trying a subtle move on me. DSC07168 DSC07170

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