[London: Shake Shack] hey homegirl, move

DSC06933Ever wondered about the ethics of queuing … for fast food?

me neither.

until I had to. today.

For some reason, I lose all sense of etiquette and civility when comes the prospect of food rapidly prepared. Maybe it’s the ambiance, maybe it’s the smell of grease, maybe it’s the overwhelmed patty boy, I can’t say. What I do know is that when it comes to fast food, the law of the jungle prevails.

We couldn’t get into our original destination, so decided to Shake Shack. Big Deal for the Brits apparently. For a Wednesday evening, all four seating areas were overpacked. Somehow, the burgers managed to take over a fifth of Coven Garden’s middle islet. Someone, somewhere, must have done something right (or illegal).

There was a queue. Should we join? The alternative was to wonder around for the same amount of time and find nothing, so we joined. I may have short legs, but they move fast. As a result, I ended up four people ahead of my friends in the line. I looked behind, they stretched their necks. I waved at them, they showed me the finger. Ha, just kidding. So, what to do. Behind me was a couple. They weren’t talking to each other, yet I couldn’t catch their eyes to try the ultimate sweet look “my-friends-are-behind-do-you-mind?”. They definitely knew what I was up to and kept staring at the fourth tile next to my right foot. But hey, this is fast food and only the fittest survive.

“Excuse me, [that’s me speaking], do you mind? [I pointed at my friend with my right hand, and extended my left arm to open a passage between the couple and the cord line. The move may also be referred as the “hey homegirl, move” indication. Flicking hair.]”.

“Oh – hum – sure sure” [What else would a Brit respond?]


actually no. My friends are more civilized than I am. I was one in front, they were two behind, so I was the one who moved in the end. Thankfully, they didn’t try to apologize on my behalf. That would have been the epitome of embarrassment. Lesson learned, lesson forgotten – it was time to pick the food!

The menu was exactly what one would expect from an American Burger chain: burgers, special Shake Shack burgers, milkshakes and hot-dogs. I opted for the ShackBurger, a single patty cheeseburger topped with letuce, tomato (1 slice) and Shacksauce (couldn’t taste it, I love my mustard too much). The bun was a bun, the patty was a patty, and tomato seemed clean. It was a decent burger, perhaps even a bit small (anyone above 5ft2 should consider nothing less than 2 patties burgers) and definitely not exceptional in any ways. The fries were fun however. Funky shape with happy crunch. + pepper. yum yum.

I paid £7.50 for burger and fries. I was repleted but not swooped away. Probably will never go back, except maybe if i’m in NY, because then, just the venue is almost like going to Disneyland – ©T.

p.s. forgot to mention about the beepers. they beep when food’s ready.

DSC06931 DSC06932DSC06928 DSC06940
[Shake Shack] – WC2E – 0203 5981360
Tube: 3 minutes from Covent Garden

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