[London: Gordon’s Wine Bar] serendipity, i love you

DSC06958What are the odds that, three days before an interview for the most obscure job, I meet someone that does exact that. Networking, when you catch me off-guard (or “les culottes à terre” as we say in Quebec, which translated to “panties on the floor”), you’re pretty awesome.

and so is Gordon’s Wine Bar. Right off Embankment station, the owners converted a path into this amazing terrace where all of trendy London takes rendez-vous when the sun comes out. For rainy days, Gordon’s has a cave-like indoor seating area better suited for romantic intentions. I must admit, I enjoyed the Rioja a bit too quickly to remember where it came from or frankly, anything about it. Same for the Rosé that followed suit. Yet, both were more than drinkable and other online reviews (that I skimmed through when I thought I could fake an opinion, but no, my scouting years have well trained me to be honest) seem to have a high opinion of what is served here. Same for the food, which I only saw passing by. Fairly priced, well portioned said the other bloggers (although I did see the portions and I can concur).

All in all, a great evening.

[Gordon’s Wine Bar] – WC2N – 020 7930 1408

Tube: 1 minute away from Embankment Station.

DSC06961 DSC06962 DSC06967

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