[London: Bermondsey Street Coffee] oh english men

English men, I fear for your future.

DSC06991 - CopyWho do you think will pay for your pension fund? Your crumbling roads? the 3.0 version of your super hybrid electric buses?

Your non-existent children.

so you need to get your acts together and do something about your unacceptable nonchalance approach to woman.

You’ve been going for “coffee” with my friend N. for 5 months now. She’s getting pretty impatient.

My other girlfriend refused to put up with your non-sense. She went for a Scot. Yup, even Scots beat you on this race, English men.

I don’t say you should become sociopathologically aggressive, but for God’s sake (and your own), put your pants on.

Street Coffee, “very attractive baristas” are not enough. You are a pretty cool place already anyway, so you might as well do as you please. I was in the mood for tea, but I’ve heard you have the best coffee in town. Your shakes also looked gorgeous (portions were HUGE for £2.9 – 3.9, depending on flavor). And you were right, so did your baristas, indeed.

[Street Coffee] – SE1 – 020 7403 7655

Tube: 14 minutes London Bridge/BoroughDSC06988© DSC06992

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