[London: The Table] traffic

DSC07143 First time I came here, I loved it. Staff was super nice, food was delicious and the crowd was composed of svelte young professionals.

So naturally, I came back.

Big Mistake. It shattered all the beautiful memories of my first visit.

The staff was confused, almost rude. I mean when your clients are waiting to order, you don’t let them wait to do the tchoo tchoo train with your colleagues. They may laugh (at you), but most likely, they’ll become irritated. I’ll spare you the rest of my complains.

Below are the pictures of my first visit. Spot the waiter on the last picture. If he’s the on shift as you walk by The Table, by all means, step inside. You’ll have the greatest experience. Otherwise, please do yourself a service and continue your way.


DSC07149 DSC07150DSC07145DSC07153

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