[Bath: Sally Lunn’s & The Raven] pies to die for


Bath is a beautiful city (town?). Hats off to you Romans for turning boiling underground waters into a picturesque resort.

After three hours walking through the roman baths (yes, it’s a big place, but there were also a LOT of tourists….), food was calling. on  top of my list: Sally Lunn’s buns and Pies at the Raven.

Sally Lunn’s kitchen is where the very first Bath Bun was created. but don’t get confused, a Sally Lunn’s bun and a Bath Bun are not the same, so I still don’t know what a Bath Bun tastes like. as for Sally’s, it was good. light and pleasant, I guess I had too many expectations, so was not blown away.

Pies at the Raven on the other hand brought my Bath experience to a whole new level. Three letters: W.O.W.

We had the Raven Ale Pie, the Free Ranger Pie and the Mushroom & Asparagus Pie with all the gravy combinations possible (menu below) and everything was simply d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s. The crust was golden and crisp (even the bottom!), the filling was rich, and the mash had an incredible seasoning that made even the most picky (uncky? 🙂 ) forgive the lumps.

On my way out, I noticed a certificate stating something along the line of ”Public House of the Area 2013”. No question, this place is amazing.

DSC07609 meringue-strawberry-whipped cream topping DSC07612 DSC07615 DSC07723 DSC07698 DSC07693DSC07702 DSC07705 DSC07706DSC07696 DSC07697 DSC07699

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