[Bar: Cartel & Dieu du Ciel] Re-bienvenue!

DSC09093 I have to admit, I wasn’t the most thrilled about coming back to Montreal. after London, Montreal felt a bit (a lot) like a small town.

but as soon as I stepped foot into the city, with autumn settling in, I literally fell in love. the people, the buildings, the AIR (believe it or not, FRESH!) were just so wonderful and delightful.

and meeting up with good old J just made things better. we all have so many acquaintances, but how many people can we actually rely on? I am blessed to have J, even if he doesn’t like oysters (if he was actually a potential lover, that would have been a deal breaker). Still, he happily followed me to Cartel, where I was looking forward to their 1$ oyster + 5$ bubbly Tuesday nights.

We then finished it off at Dieu du Ciel, one of the best breweries in town. J had the  Péché mortel (9%), a coffee flavored stout, while I tasted the Pale Ale named Ste-Flanelle (8%). Both, wonderful.

DSC09096 DSC09101 DSC09104 DSC09105 DSC09106 DSC09110 DSC09115 DSC09117 DSC09120

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