[French: Café des beaux-arts] Pictures dilemna

DSC05973 If I’m in a business meeting, can I take pictures of my food?

While the answer may be obvious to many, it actually took me a while to decide that my food-picture obsession needed to be put on hold in this circumstance.

As a compromise, I decided to bring to you pictures of the outside instead!

Café des beaux-arts serves very decent French inspired cuisine. I had the snails au gratin (entrée) + a glass of Riesling Hugel which fulled me enough until dinner. The portions here are indeed on the generous side as I remembered not being able to finish my last attempt of entrée + principal. Remember however that I am more of the nibbler-type , so if you have two stomachs, don’t take my words as benchmark. The service is very kind and polite, although often confused. Hence, for the ones in a hurry – better go to the little cafeteria right next.

DSC05974 DSC05975 DSC09030 DSC09028

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