[Korean: Seoul Chako] about all you can eat

DSC09449I’m not usually drawn to all you can eat places for the simple reason that I never eat enough to fully take advantage of their added value : quantity.

But hey, today we had to feed a 6ft tall guy, so all-you can eat it was!

Seoul Chako is a decent place. Not extraordinary, but not terrible, The service is surprisingly kind and the Kim Chi flavorsome. The meat was well marinated, but not the most tender around town. The popcorn chicken, however, was more of a General Tao chicken without the sauce while the Mango & Lichee jello/pudding clearly came out from the same powder package my mom used to mix when I was young (she also fed be with lots of real vegetable and fresh fish. don’t call social services).

So all in all, OK food. But if you want to spend 25$+tx (not including drinks) on Korean food, I’d recommend Chez Bong in Chinatown. You’ll have less meat, but of greater quality.

DSC09447DSC09444DSC09455 DSC09454DSC09458DSC09461DSC09465DSC09463DSC09467

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