[Québécois: Mâche! & Big in Japan] Meh

DSC09592 - Copy I was a big fan of Mâche! when it first opened, but somehow, 9 months later, its fries got soggy and its Poutine cheese wasn’t making that squish squish noise anymore.

As for Big In Japan, the chemistry was simply not there. It’s beautifully designed, but somewhat lacks authenticity. I really tried to like it, but it kept on feeling out of tune. The lights were not dimmed enough for that sensual mood it had the potential for (picture look darker than reality) and the pink punch tasted too much like Rockets Candy diluted in spring water, as A correctly pointed out.

Maybe I had too many expectations for Big J., so if you really insist on going. head there before 10:00pm or you’ll have to queue.

DSC09593 DSC09594 DSC09595 DSC09596 DSC09603 DSC09604 DSC09607 DSC09615DSC09613

2 thoughts on “[Québécois: Mâche! & Big in Japan] Meh

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