[Sweet: Cacao70] sweet extravaganza


I remember leaving this place quite unimpressed when I first tried it days after it opened and still had a crack in its front window. Not sure what weird mood hit me back then, but years later, I need to mea culpa and acknowledge that this place is actually quite good and pleasant.

J & I haven’t seen each other for a while and decided that a sweet extravaganza would go best with our catch-up (and tiny gossip) session. We headed to Cacao 70 , took half an hour to go through the extensive menu and finally agreed to do our sit-in over Flaming Turtle Chocolate Fondue. Milk Chocolate, caramel, walnut and gold rum served with fruits, a quarter waffle and six mini brownies – need say no more, we made the right choice. Not sure if any flaming occurred in the dish prep, but the rum was definitely present and tasty.

All in all, a happy stop.


Cacao 70 on Urbanspoon

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