[London: The Attendant] OCD beware


I’ve been wanting to try this place forever. three months to be more specific. now back in the London, it had to happen.

The Attendant is a coffee shop built… in former Victorian toilets from the 1890s.

Pretty epic if you ask me.

The only trouble was that mom and cousin were with me this time. the former has very high hygienic standards, while the other is a health professional… toilets were probably not their hangout spot of predilection to get over jet lag. thankfully, curiosity ultimately won them over and we happily marched toward the said establishment.

We were impressed by the setting… and cleanness of the place!  (have I read somewhere that dozen thousands of pounds went only into bleach?). the place is small in a charming way. not the scene you’d come for a date (resonance makes that everyone can overhear even your softest whisper), but definitely a spot to catch up and have a good laugh with an old friend.

Mom and I respectively had a latte and a piccolo, while cousin tried a lemongrass tea. The coffees were rich and the tea had the most exquisite smell.

All in all, an awesome and delicious experience.

p.s. beware, this former Victorian toilet no longer has a toilet of its own. if anything, there’s a pub next door for emergencies…


The Attendant on Urbanspoon

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