[London: Covent Garden] Paella, cariño


It’s always such a pleasure to stroll around Covent Garden, especially during the Holiday Season. Christmas spirit is always there at its best, with gigantic red ornaments dangling from the ceiling and tourists happy to step on each other’s feet.

Cousin wanted a snack, so we stopped at the first stall we bumped into – Hola Paella. Food was less than average, the rice being somewhat undercooked (so forget about the yummy bottom crisp layer). Portions weren’t fantastic either. Cousin and I respectively asked for a medium and small, but ended up with the same meal, just presented in differently shaped plates. The service on the other hand was stellar. Despite the sudden invasion of hungry tourists, the Paella guys were extremely pleasant and effective. not so great food + great attitude therefore turned out to be somewhat of a decent hot meal 🙂

When the singers next door started with their third interpretation of Puccini, we decided to carry on with our journey. But before leaving Covent Garden, I made sure that mom and cousin tried my favorite English delicacy of the holiday season: Mince Pie!

DSC00078 DSC00079 DSC00082DSC00071 DSC00091 DSC00092

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