[Italian: Anton & James] Ginger Yes Sir


One of the many joys of working at a startup is that when it looks gloomy outside and the team just pulled out its greatest event, one can call it a day and gather everyone for a pleasant meal down the road.

Anton & James is your new wave urban cafeteria serving artisan pizzas and other Italian inspired goodies. Y, D & I shared three pizzas and had more than enough: tomato & fresh basil, Mediterranean and a last one covered in rocket salad & balsamic vinegar. They were tasty, but perhaps could have been a tiny bit thinner on the crust to make Raffaele Esposito truly proud.

The real highlight of the meal was unexpectedly – the Drink!

oh where to start.

sparkly, not too sugary, with a sharp and crisp ginger flavour – Bruce Cost’s Fresh Ginger was simply divine. I had the jasmine tea ginger drink and can’t wait to try the other flavours. Let me know what you think of them next time you’re around!


Anton & James on Urbanspoon

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