[Sweet: Juliette et Chocolat] baby it’s cold outside


Serving hot cocoa in brandy snifters, Juliette et Chocolat is a nice spot to escape Quebec’s extreme cold winter. Even your healthiest friend won’t be able to resist their long list of chocolate-based drinks & bakeries.  The staff is nice and kind, and we love their red hats. Small caveat with the setting: the restaurant on Laurier is a real gem on the front, but way overcrowded in the back. Same issue with the boutique on St-Denis. For a good (and spacious) Juliette & Chocolat experience, head to their address on St-Laurent.

p.s. Juliette’s specialised hot drinks (“Grands Crus”) are much thicker than at Cacao70. If you prefer mousse-like texture, you’re at the right place, otherwise, Cacao70.

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Juliette et Chocolat on Urbanspoon

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