[Québécois: Orange Julep] Midnight Thirst

unnamed K just moved into a new apartment, so we spent the evening scrubbing his kitchen. By the time we finished, it was midnight and we were d.e.h.y.d.r.a.t.e.d.

Montreal was -24 (-34 with the wind factor?), but never mind the Arctic cold, we headed to Orange Julep to get our hands on their AMAZING orange juice. Without exaggeration, they serve one of the most satisfying refreshment in town. Imagine wiped creamsicle, similar to Orange Julius, but a notch less sugary and even smoother. I know, yum.

Orange Julep is an attraction in itself. Off the beaten track, it can be spotted miles away by its iconic inflated Orange cover. There’s no indoor seating area, so prepare to eat standing, or in your car. Quite the ultimate North American experience if you ask me 🙂

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

Gibeau Orange Julep on Urbanspoon

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