[Coffee: Le Moineau Masqué] A Simple Sunday morning


The holidays have been so generous (and filling!) that M, A and I decided to do something simple for this week’s Sunday brunch. After ruling out all the venues that could tempt us with anything remotely related to our beloved potatoes and hollandaise sauce, we agreed that a coffee shop was our best bet to start putting our metabolism back on track.

We went to Le Moineau Masqué, a charming spot. It embodied everything we craved for after the excesses of the past weeks: a human feel in a minimalist décor. The owner greeted us, prepared our hot drinks, cooked our waffles and brought herself our orders to the table. The place seated only twelve people although there was space for more, and M freely shared her latest happy incident without making our neighbours blush. We ended up staying almost 3 hours talking about nothing and everything, which speaks length on how cozy and lovely this place is. All in all, a lovely Sunday morning (afternoon…).

p.s. nutella drenched waffles were probably not the healthiest options out there, but hey, we’re taking it one step at the time 😉


One thought on “[Coffee: Le Moineau Masqué] A Simple Sunday morning

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