[Healthy: Soupesoup] hello New Year’s resolutions


Born and raised in a good ol’ loving Asian family, I am culturally (and genetically) wired to crave and hunt rich, fatty food when the clock hits 12:00. The call is always immediate and it takes less than a second for my brain to decide on my treat of the day.

But January being January, the time had come to expand my palate. I’ll still eat as  fatty as I want for snacks and dinner. Lunch on the other hand will be devoted to discovering fast and light alternatives. This is why W and I headed to Soupesoup on Crescent last Friday.

Yes, you read right, soup is what we went for. Quite good ones actually. By the time we got there (1pm), the’ve already run out of two options. My heart literally sunk when the waitress raised her chalk to cross-out la soupe grand-mère (think minestrone without tomatoes) on the board menu. I must have looked utterly distressed because she somehow managed to bring me a bowl of it shortly after (success). The soup was good, but its the vegetarian grilled panini that stole the show for me. The bread was squashy, the zucchinis tenderly cooked and the dried-tomatoes hummus had a hint of spiciness that just sealed the deal.

I must confess, we did end the meal with a Pouding chômeur. But hey, every achievement, even the smallest, deserves to be rewarded right? 🙂


Soupesoup on Urbanspoon

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