[Coffee: St Henri Émery] coffee, sparkles & napkin

DSC00625 - Copy

At last, the Gods of Coffee have brought to the Quartier Latin a proper alternative to Presse Cafe on St-Denis, the Cafe St Henri Émery.

A close relative of well-known Cafe Saint-Henri on Notre-Dame, CSHE is not shy about its family’s tradition of coffee excellence and shows it off with a nifty retro twist. This is not your normal coffee shop. CSHE greets you with music stands, turquoise runways ropes, and theatrical neon lights that give you the glow of a ’60s starlet.

and what to say about the coffee. The barista will explain you everything you’ve never dared asking (about coffee). “N’hésitez-pas à me poser toutes questions” said he, with an assertive English accent ô so enthralling. Pretending I was an expert on the matter, I pointed at the Chemex, flicked my hair and took a seat. Five minutes later my drink was brought to me on a plateau, with a complementary shot of sparkling water to cleanse the palate and a cloth napkin – everything to make me feel fantastically high maintenance. When J finally made his entrance, he couldn’t resist but to order the same, seeing how content I was. All in all, a memorable Sunday afternoon.

DSC00628 DSC00633DSC00639 DSC00642DSC00637 DSC00643 DSC00644 DSC00647 DSC00653 DSC00655

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