[Belgium: Frites alors!] not fries, frites

DSC00661 Some, like Pierce Brosnan, age beautifully. Others, like Frites Alors, struggle a bit more as time passes by.

Frites Alors! has made name for itself thanks to its Belgian Fries and gazillion sauces. Its rapid expansion across the city came as no surprise  – who doesn’t like Bintje Potatoes, fried, not once, but twice?? I would do terrible things to get less than that. Sadly, the days of crisp and golden brown fries are gone. They are still brown, but got floppy. (boo.) At least the sauces still keep up with expectations. I had the “Frites Alors!” and was able to savour all the mayo, garlic and harissa I had been promised. All in all,  not your perfect frites, but an OK snack.

p.s. baskets of fries are gigantic (picture below), but burgers are tiny. beware.


Frite Alors on Urbanspoon

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