[French: La Petite Marche] So International


Facebook knew I was running late to a brunch reunion with a few friends from high school. Instead of sending me a kind reminder however, le book of faces sneakily inserted on top of my newsfeed Buzzfeed’s compilation of “22 Signs You Were An International School Kid“. I should have ignored the piece and rushed out the door, but the content was so timely that I couldn’t resist opening it . (Sorry guys, now you know why I was late…). Spot on on every point, I found myself nodding energetically at every statement. My all time favourites:

”nothing beat the feeling of finding a kid in school who spoke the same native language as you”

22 Signs You Were An International School Kid
… and …
“international school was pretty awesome!”
22 Signs You Were An International School Kid
“even if the IB programme almost destroyed you”
22 Signs You Were An International School Kid

Indeed. Surviving the IB was an pretty epic journey and seeing those who shared the ride with me six years ago was fantastic.

We still all looked the same (no one got plastic surgery. yet), with just a few more wrinkles here and there to prove that we’ve matured a bit since. C, for instance, was handsome as always and A still wore that (not so) innocent smile that leaves no woman indifferent. The table was filled with soon to be lawyers, linguists, journalists, teachers and V, the prodigy kid already working crazy hours at the hospital. Even the absentees shone by their absence: 10am was clearly too early for the notorious night owls among us (L, that is you).  We shared the wildest stories (revolutionizing farming practices in China? writing for a national newspaper? (attempting) to unionise a YMCA???) over the most gigantic brunch portions I’ve ever seen.

Not only were the plates at La Petite Marche three time the size of my head, they were SO cheap. My blueberry crepes + bread + eggs + fruit cup + orange juice + coffee added to… $9.95 (+tx+tip). WHAT?!? I think the most expensive options capped out at $14.95.

All in all, a fabulous morning filled with great souvenirs and food. Can’t wait to see what you guys are all up to in 6 years time! (But let’s try to meet up again before then…)


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