[Québécois: Poutine Centrale] Yo. Potato. It’s Poutine Week


My friend, the time has come to swap those skinny jeans for the widest sweatpants you own. All these years of training your metabolism to process saturated fats will finally pay off. You know what I’m talking about: Poutine Week IS HERE.

With great opportunities also come great responsibilities. Who will you crown King of Mtl Poutine 2014? Worry no more my friend; I have what you need to make this tough decision. Helped by the city’s top advisors, I have shortlisted the best contenders for this year’s ultimate honorific title. Less wondering = more eating = more educated votes. Are you ready? Are you sure you can handle it? Without further ado and in no specific order, I bring you the (short)list: Picture1

BLACK STRAP BBQ: BBQ BRISKET CHILI POUTINE $10 – BBQ brisket poutine gravy, BBQ brisket chilli and pickles. As perfect as the ying & the yang & the unkown third force.

CHEZ BORIS : POUTINE AUX BEIGNES ET SAUCE AU CANARD $10 – Doughnut “fries”, duck fat gravy, – wait, what, Doughnut?? YES. Mmmmm. and of course, fresh cheese curds.

FRESHMINT.COM : LE CHAUD LAPIN $10 – This is a fancy one. Listen to this: Potato galette topped with slow braised rabbit, Migneron de Charlevoix and gravy. Available on delivery only. To all of you workoholics out there – office sleepovers are no longer an excuse to skip PoutineWeek. If you don’t go to it, it will come to you.

ATTACK OF THE IMADAKE’S プーティン DISASTER 2014 $10 – Japanese Street Comfort meets Quebecois Requisite Staple. No idea what this means. But yo, it can only be epic.

LA BÊTISE : LOBSTER AND BACON MACPOUTINE $10 – Lobster. Bacon. Mac and cheese. I can now die happy.

LUCKY’s TRUCK: LA FAMEUSE $10 – If Chaud Lapin wasn’t fancy enough for you – try this: Homemade crispy fries, red wine and foie gras gravy, duck confit and balsamic caramelized onions.

Finally, a mention, but not listed here, POUTINE CENTRALE’s Butter Chicken Poutine: Chicken in a creamy Indian spiced sauce topped with cilantro.  If it weren’t for a recent incident, Poutine Centrale would have been at the top of this post. The sad reality is that le Centrale of Poutines just broke my heart.  In good reporter spirit, I showed up at the joint yesterday, hoping to catch a scoop along the lines of ‘’I have uncovered the best poutine of the year!’’. Despite the minus 23 weather and the distant location, all seemed promising upon my arrival. I was greeted by the friendliest staff and the most exciting props: bright orange t-shirts with freshly painted ‘’Poutine Week’’ slogans. I was about to order the Butter Chicken poutine when the General Tao flavour caught my eye. I hesitate a moment. Went back and forth between the two. Then thought, maybe General Tao IS the scoop of the year, and ordered. Big Mistake. The chicken itself was DELECTABLE. Generous and tender, the meat was covered in crispy, well-seasoned breading. But if you tell me this was supposed to be General Tao Chicken – WHERE WAS THE SWEET & SOUR SAUCE?!? Urg. So close, yet so far. What a disappointment. Maybe the cook forgot the sauce? Maybe she ran out of sauce? Whatever is was, that was the end of me. In good poutine-lover spirit however, I’d rather let you come to your own conclusion.

So that is that.

Wait no more.

Grab your stomach and en marche compagnons!


Poutine Centrale on Urbanspoon

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