[Laïka & La Cabane Portugaise] Cheesy


With a live DJ, industrial décor, I-don’t-give-a-shit-type-of-owner, yet incredible staff – Laïka is an institution on la Main. Resto/café during the day, hip lounge during the night, Laïka is a great place to grab a quick drink before dinner – which is why the girls and I gathered there last Friday. They had cider, I had wine, and we shared the most decadent plate of nachos: extra cheese with cumin and mango salsa. Uh huh. Happy with our little getaway, we said goodbye to Mr-owner-still-not-giving-a-shit and headed to Big In Japan (the restaurant, not the bar) … where we were greeted by a 45 minute queue. At 9pm on a Friday evening, we should have known better. But no worries, we climbed back St-Laurent and decided to enter the first restaurant on our way. La Cabane Portugaise we saw, so La Cabane Portugaise it was.

Strange place, to be honest.

It had a lovely chalkboard painted wall. Very trendy.

Wine served in standing buckets. So far so good.

Red decorative Christmas lights. Why not – I like the Holiday Spirit.

A slot machine room in the back. ?! A bit of a clash…

The food came in very generous proportions, but that didn’t excuse the chewy rib eye steak. The service on the other hand was exceptionally attentive, so at least there was that :).

All in all, a happy (chewy) meal in great company.

DSC01169DSC01171 DSC01178 DSC01182 DSC01183 DSC01188 DSC01192Laika, SuwuDSC01198

Laïka on Urbanspoon La Cabane du Portugal on Urbanspoon

One thought on “[Laïka & La Cabane Portugaise] Cheesy

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