[British: Brit & Chips] Ketchup MegaPak


Hands down, one of the best Fish & Chips in Montreal.

Although a regular of Brit and Chips‘ Burgundy Lion batter, I decided to sweeten it up for Valentine’s day with their Maple Syrup variant.

Loved it.

The golden batter was light and crisp. The fish, fresh and soft in the mouth, separated in delightful big flakes with each stroke of fork. As for the maple syrup, it was very subtle and came as a pleasant surprise here and there, where the tartar sauce couldn’t reach. Served with a little wooden fork and ketchup megapaks, I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic setting with my meal. 

Despite how much I wanted to have dessert, the massive portions had already filled my stomach twice (although true Brits should expect half the size of what they’re used to). Y, D &D nonetheless tried the deep fried chocolate bar. Sadly, that turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Too little chocolate, too much batter.

Still, the overall meal was more than enjoyable. If you haven’t tried Brit & Chips yet, – please do.

DSC01277 DSC01283 DSC01285 DSC01286 DSC01288 DSC01290 DSC01299

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