[Japanese: Resto Big in Japan] Couteau, Fourchette


To mark our ten year reunion, C, H and I dined out at Big In Japan (the restaurant, not the bar).

A cross between your traditional isakaya and a 50s diner, Big J is a nice spot to cool it off after a long day at work. Serving authentic Asahi beer, the establishment has it all figured out. The friendly yet not overbearing staff contributes to the laid back atmosphere. The kitchen, open, rightly teases the stomach and pleases the eye.

C & H both had their sight on the gigantic ramen bowl. My tummy, independent as it is, desired the pork buns. When the plates arrived, the girls immediately dived into their soup, in full control of their noodles and their chopsticks. I, on the other hand, spent a good ten minutes debating whether to ask for a fork and a knife. After making a mess however, using my hands and a chopstick, I had to swallow my pride and come to term with the fact that I needed extra support.

I know. The only Asian at the table couldn’t feed herself with the one instrument perfected by her ancestors across generations. Still, the shame was well worth it. The buns were DELECTABLE. Soft and ô so well marinated, they sat on a rich sauce that I scooped until the last drop (my guess: soya sauce, rice vinegar and secret ingredient).

DSC01256 DSC01260 DSC01262 s Big in Japan, Brit and ChipDSC01252

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