[Portuguese: Vasco Da Gama] Azulejos


We’ve been pumping crazy hours lately at the office to work out some serious (and exciting!) developments. Yesterday however, when the clock hit 7pm, we all decided to call it a day and I headed straight to Vasco da Gama where J was waiting for me with a pretty cocktail.

VdG is best known as a well attended lunch spot by the many financiers in the area, but I like to think of it as a gorgeous place to have a civilized drink. Decor-wise, the mirrored walls are embellished by two large panels of tile-mosaic (azulejos alicatados) and the fact that not many chose to come here to unwind after a busy week preserves the place’s sophisticate atmosphere. 

J and I shared a plate of prosciutto & cheese St-Jorge that we respectively accompanied with a glass of white wine (him) and a Cosmo (me). The charcuterie & fromage were delightful; firm and just salty enough. As for my cocktail, it was too sweet, but had nonetheless a beautiful reddish hue.

Rumor wants that VdG just opened a counter at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport – in case you fancy a pleasant little indulgence before sitting through 24 hours of recycled air.

DSC00982DSC00981 DSC00988DSC00838

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