[Breweries & Distilleries: La Cuvée] Whisky & Beer Convocation


To celebrate the return of the arctic cold and to warm our spirits a little, J & I attended the launch of La Cuvée, Montreal’s new annual convocation for all whiskey and beer aficionados.

Gathering over two dozen microbreweries and a dozen more liquors representatives of all kinds,  the tasting event took place in the basement of L’Église Saint-Enfant-Jésus. (Yes, a church basement. Is that even legal? Apparently, according to La Cuvée’s FAQs.)DSC01412DSC01439Leaving all of our bulky extras at the coat check, we grabbed our drinking glasses and bought our tasting chips. All equipped, we were ready for the evening. Immediately, J spotted the British à l’érable and headed straight to it.

Rightly so.

A beautiful brown ale with a subtle maple taste, this artisanal creation from À la Fût was definitely one of my favourite of the night. Among the half dozen that we tried, my top marks go to Jukebox’s Blonde, Barbarie’s Coffee Stout and La Paienne from well-known Montreal brewery Dieu Du Ciel.


Happy with our beer consumptions, we moved on to meet the heavy weight of the night, Monsieur Whisky. At the Whisky bar, we met Jean-François, the mastermind of Montreal’s Whisky Club. Ultimate connoisseur, JF was able to pin down J’s perfect drink with only three questions.

1) How much do you know about Whisky?

2) Smoked or not?

3) Fruity or vanilla?

He handed over a glass of triple-distilled Bushmills Irish Whiskey. J looked, took a sip and BOOM! was converted. If you fancy learning more about the iconic distilled alcoholic beverage, feel free to reach out to the Whiskey Club – they’re always on the look out for new recruits.DSC01435All and all,  a great event to discover local gems. Hats off to the army of volunteers who proudly wore the event’s signboard on their chest. Like Nathalie, they spent their evening sharing all their know how with amateurs like me and looked after every detail of the event.DSC01417DSC01420

OH wait. one more thing. the FOOD. Between two drinks, we bumped into the CRémy DECADENT doughnut stand. Literally the size of my face, the beer-based-doughnut was covered with crunchy pretzels I could have kept on eaten on and on…

About Crémy: www.cremypatisserie.com

About the Whisky Club: www.whiskymontreal.caDSC01427DSC01430DSC01425

Cremy Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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