[Gin Bar: Le Pourvoyeur] Mmm Mashed Potatos


Thanks to its Chef & Food Consultant Olivier Racicot, Le Pourvoyeur now has a new menu. I was only able to attend the last bit of its tasting, so here’s a quarter of a review.

C & I arrived just in time for the piece of resistance, the braised pork shanks. The meat was extremely tender, but sadly a bit blend. The mash potatoes au gratin were however a completely different story. ô how delectable! Spiced up with a hint of horseradish, the potatoes were wiped into a dreamy texture that melted in my mouth. Finally, we had Guédilles au crabe – made in Yorkshire puddings.  Image a Yorkshire pudding with crab-mayo-lemon filling. Yum, indeed.

On the drinking side, we got the chance to try a few gins, artisanal quinine syrups and tonics. My highlight was definitely the Piger Henricus, a locally made gin with a twist: parsnip.

On our way out, we dropped by the delicatessen next door – La Pourvoirie. Run in partnership with Les Canards du Lac Brome (Brome Lack Ducks), La Pourvoirie sells everything on Le Pourvoyeur’s new menu in vacuum packs formats. Neat idea if you wish to bring home some of the Pub’s goodness :).

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