[Lunch: Café Parvis] The new kid on the block is REALLY cool


It’s new, it’s hip and already, it’s packed packed packed.

No wonder; Furco’s new neighbour does indeed serve the most incredible salads and pizza al taglio.

E & I have had Café Parvis on our radar since its opening, and finally decided on that sunny Friday to head there for lunch. After a small wait (tables turn over quickly – everyone has work to do), we were seated at the counter. We grabbed the pencil and checked a) smoked salmon pizza with dill mascarpone, fennel & radish, b) Italian sausage pizza with roasted peppers, tomato sauce and basilica, parmesan, c) Greek salad, and d) the most epic spinach salad mixed with oranges, bean sprouts and sesame dressing.

All wonderful and so affordable, do yourself a favor and head chez Parvisse on your next craving. They are open late, and serve wine, so no excuse if you’re booked for lunch. Dinners are also possible.

IMG_1326 IMG_1327 IMG_1332 IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336

Cafe Parvis on Urbanspoon

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