[Pastries: Régal Matinal] Golden Mornings

I never manage to eat properly in the morning.

Between a bowl of cereal and 7.45minutes more in bed, I will always pick the latter.

So when I ran into Chef Petit-Boulanger Jakub at Kitsuné the other day, I knew he was the answer to my prayers (not the one asking for 36 hours in day, but the one hoping for an alternative to my rather flat Tim Hortons breakfast at work).

Jakub is the heart and the soul behind Regal Matinal, a daily delivery of freshly baked pastries to-your-door. Yes M’dam, croissants/chocolatines/brioches brought to your door, whether it be your at home or at your cubicle.

And when I say fresh, I mean delicious golden crusts that shatter into pieces when torn apart to reveal a softer inner side.

I mean beautiful insides filled with layers of buttered dough that smoothly separate themselves before dissolving into your mouth.

I mean the true pleasure of having a breakfast brought to you with the most genuine of smiles.

And it’s all so easy. Order online or by phone before midnight and wooop, let the magic happen.

IMG_4696 IMG_4698 IMG_4701 IMG_4711 IMG_4716IMG_4726


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