[Diner: Le Gros Jambon] Richie Rich

IMG_4669It’s Sunday Morning and you’ve been craving only one thing since early dawn: FAT.

The only problem is, you live in Old Port, between the Depanneur on McGill Street and the other fancy venues that don’t open ‘til the evening.

Worry no more my friend; there is a solution. It’s straight out of the 50s, but just ten minutes walk away. Let me introduce you to [drum rolls] … Le Gros Jambon Diner!

To make your life easier, here’s a little guide:

Show up. Expect a 10 minutes wait.

Sit down. When the waitress offers you coffee, say yes. When she comes back for refill, don’t hide your cup away.

Take a quick look at the menu. Don’t look at it twice. Whatever catches your attention first, I promise you, it will be awesome (i.e. don’t repeat my mistake. J’s stomach almost ate his entrails by the time I made my decision). Also, believe whatever the waitress tells you. I had the “’the Mushroom Toast’’. When I asked her how rich it was, she replied ‘’very’’. And it was. Six layers of smoked meat under a thick blanket of creamy mushroom sauce AND fried eggs. I’m happy to still be alive.

Be productive while you wait for your plates. Take a quirky picture of your guest with the joint’s lovely postcard.

Light hearts please keep away. For the rest of you: ready, set, EAT.

IMG_4653 IMG_4673 IMG_4656 IMG_4659 IMG_4672 IMG_4663 IMG_4666 IMG_4651 IMG_4671 IMG_4674

Le Gros Jambon on Urbanspoon

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