[Montreal: Godley & Crème] HomeMade, with love.

*** Godley & Crème has closed to the public. They now supply other cafés. ***IMG_4532

A little less than a year old, Godley & Crème is a beautiful lunch place hidden under a stairway on Sherbrooke street. Owned by a young couple, this place conveys the warmth of a loving home with its pans and pots proudly exhibited in the back.

As we walked in, Jérémie (or was it Nicolas? Hum. Will have to go back to correct this) was putting the finishing touches on the granola bars. The smell of freshly baked goods rising out of the oven simply made our day.

I had had a late breakfast, so I accompanied D & D with a simple allongé as they enjoyed their respective soup and freshly made sandwiches. They insisted however that I join them for dessert. I’m glad I did; soft and chewy, the pecan tart was a real delight.

All in all, a wonderful lunch spot.

Address: 92 Sherbrooke Street West IMG_4536 IMG_4534 IMG_4546 IMG_4540IMG_4551 IMG_4549 IMG_4555

Godley & Crème on Urbanspoon

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