[Café: Station W] The end of Procrastination


Productivity in its greatest simplicity.

Looking for a friendly atmosphere where you can get some work done on a Sunny Sunday afternoon?

I have two words for you: Station W.

Located in the heart of Verdun, Station W houses a mix crowd of serious students (including a few UdM species, coming as far as from the other side of the mountain) and happy young families. The two groups peacefully co-exist; the former taking most of the tables in the front while the latter gathers around the long wooden table at the back.

Serving excellent coffee and the wildest variety of grilled cheese (even the most basic version comes with bacon pieces if you want :)), Station W has everything you need to power through the most tedious spreadsheets.

Finito procrastination. Pack your life and your Mac and grab a seat at Station W.

IMG_4847IMG_4851 IMG_4855IMG_4878 IMG_4854IMG_4856 IMG_4866 IMG_4870 IMG_4872

Statiion W on Urbanspoon

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