[Brunch: l’Atelier d’argentine] Happy Birthday J!

J turned a year older this weekend. Poor soul, the date coincided with the 48 hours mark from the début of his Law faculty final exams schedule.

In need of a civilized (read non-alcoholic), yet exciting way to celebrate his new grey hair, I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than a ginormous brunch at l’Atelier d’argentine.

And indeed, our morning couldn’t have been more perfect.


With sunshine on our back and fresh breeze through our hair, we entered the establishment where Alexandre the Maître d’ welcomed us like old friends. His wife was well, his consultant DJ had just concocted a new playlist for the morning service – all was good.

He seated us by the window where J had a full sized view of the old port and the horse carriages passing by.

The menu had been revamped since I last came.

Which made my already intense ADD unable to decide on what to pick.

And because it took so long and J was about to kill a moose, Alexandre made the executive decision to bring us a plate of tostados. Think your classic ham & cheese sandwich, but this time, grilled in bacon fat. Yuuuup. Decadent Bacon fat.

IMG_4973 IMG_4971 IMG_4990

I was honestly full by the third piece of this rich and fatty delight but hey we had come here on a serious endeavor – so there was no stopping here. J ordered the Frittata (goat cheese, smoked ham & onion omelet) and I, the Florentine eggs benedict.

And so they came.

And so we stretched our bellies.

Velvety yolks, fresh berries and pillowy soft English muffins; my benedict eggs were a true pleasure to devour. And so was J’s omelet based on how quickly it disappeared. Pouuf! What frittata?!


More seriously, I had no place for any tiny bits of frittata even if I wanted to. Alexandre had brought extra sides with our plates that I couldn’t resist and that I had stuffed myself with.

Number one: a sweet torreja (half-portion-of-orange-spiced-French-toast)

Number two: thick slices of bacon caramelized in brown sugar.

Yes, caramelized bacon.

Sin at its pinnacle and one I would repeat every day wasn’t it for the pain of having to renew my wardrobe as a result.

On the healthier side, we also had liquados, Argentinian style smoothie. The mixto – mixing peach, strawberry and orange – an explosion of freshness.

IMG_5006IMG_5010IMG_5004 IMG_4961

But a birthday is not a birthday without a least one candle to blow. Catching us right as we were about to leave, Alexandre came by with a special flan for J.

Extremely well fed and caffeinated from the many coffee refills (7?), J & I finally managed to roll out of l’Atelier d’argentine. A great start to a promising new year, Happy birthday J!

IMG_5027 IMG_5030 IMG_5035 IMG_5042

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5 thoughts on “[Brunch: l’Atelier d’argentine] Happy Birthday J!

  1. Thanks for the post! I am an Argentinean in MTL, for sure will be going there this week! Want to try the caramelized bacon, it is not Argentinian at all but I am curious.

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