[Italian: Dolcetto & Co] Little Italy

IMG_5290“Dolcetto [also dol·cet·to]. Noun: A variety of grape grown in the Piedmont region of Italy that is used to make red wine. Origin of Dolcetto: Italian, from diminutive of dolce, sweet; see dolce.”

– and indeed, Dolcetto & co is a sweet little place handling more private imports than you can dream of.

A half walk-in, half-reservation Italian wine bar in the heart of the Old Port, Dolcetto offers an array of delicious antipasti and pizzettes for friends (and lovers) to share. The décor, nautical inspired, is heartwarming. The food? Simply delicious.

Indeed, it all looked so appetizing that I completely devoured D’s spinach-bufala-spicy-prosciuttino pizza without even realizing it. It’s only when mine arrived (bianca with roasted squash, pancetta and burrata – no resemblance whatsoever) that I realized my faux pas…. yay for sharing plates :flushed_face:

All in all, a great little place to decompress after a long workday. Bring your colleagues and alla vostra salute! IMG_5303 IMG_5310 IMG_5294 IMG_5312 IMG_5297 IMG_5318 IMG_5321 IMG_5343 IMG_5325 IMG_5326IMG_5332 IMG_5347 IMG_5338 IMG_5341 IMG_5342 IMG_5331 IMG_5348

Dolcetto & Co. on Urbanspoon

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