[Brunch: EVOO] Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What to do when your number one food partner is about to leave the province for an entire summer?

Replace him.


Even if I wanted to, J is irreplaceable. So I did what any other grown up person would do: I waved goodbye to him from the bus station as the heavy rained seeped into my poor little spring boots.

Les adieux were nonetheless preceded by a happy brunch at EVOO during which I expressed to him how much his socially awkward manners will be missed.

EVOO, or Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is the adventure of three friends with a love for unpretentious fine dining. A friend has been picking at every single one of my reviews lately, claiming, “Nothing beats EVOO”. After hearing so much “EVOO-this”, “EVOO-that,” I finally decide to see for myself what all this cuisine soignée was about.

And she did have a point: EVOO serves great food.

J had the Enchiladas, while I had the Breakfast Muffin.

Enchiladas-wise, we weren’t sure how veal would turn out in such a meal – but boy – Mr.Petit veal really took us by surprise! Hidden under a layer of fresh salsa verde and tomato sauce, it was tenderly spiced and exquisitely refined. With a spoon of lime crème fraîche, a fair share of cheddar and a few scrambled eggs, it made EVOO proud.

As for my muffin, it was satisfyingly fatty and tasty. The homemade sausage was covered in a generous blanket of cheddar cheese while the hash browns, perhaps a tiny bit over burnt, welcomed us with a crisp cover leading to a smoking hot center. But all of it would have been nothing without the homemade ketchup. A simple tomato-based gastride, it was so good that I had no shame scooped what was left of it with a spoon.

All in all, a great meal of circumstance for a good friend’s farewell. See you soon my dear!

IMG_5380IMG_5386 IMG_5389 IMG_5387 IMG_5390 IMG_5395IMG_5383

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