[Bar: Furco] Where the Hip-Glam is at

IMG_5622When it comes to cool, very few beat le Furco.

With dim lights, gorgeous cooks, a divine list of wine and nibbles to share, the establishment attracts a nocturnal wildlife featuring la crème of trendy Montreal, week after week.

After a week of staring at our computers, K, E and I decided we deserved a moment of hip-glam indulgence. 9:00pm, 425 Rue Mayor.

Towel over his shoulder, the waiter seated us at, luckily, what was the only table available.

Going back and forth between white or red, we finally settled for the latter and ordered a Pinot from the tip of the French Jura – le Bugey. En accompagnement? Salmon Tataki and Beef Carpaccio (yes, plates were the pairing tonight, not the wine ;)).

My tataki obsession is a secret to no one and Furco satisfied my craving like a boss. Nicely seared and showcasing a lovely pink center, the salmon had body and was subtlety seasoned. Decorated with a fennel and beats salad, feta and tzatziki, it was a delight for both the palette and the eye.

And so was the Carpaccio. Very thinly sliced, the rare meat was a delicate feast topped with a few sautéed mushrooms, a touch of fried onions and garlic sour cream.

Happy and revived, we thanked the Furco and headed into the young night.

Furco, a beautiful starting point for very lovely evenings.

IMG_5625 IMG_5628 IMG_5634 IMG_5618 IMG_5639 IMG_5647IMG_5642 IMG_5652 IMG_5656IMG_5660

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