[Deli: Cantinho de Lisboa] Sunbeam

IMG_5891Cantinho de Lisboa: Chef Helena Loureiro’s new baby

Serving Portuguese-inspired bites and drinks,

a charming little spot for a quick bite in between two strolls under the sun,

and the reason why W & I paused our promenade for a much-anticipated snack.

While he hesitated before finally settling for the house chorizo omelet, I walked straight up to the counter to order what I had been craving for wayyy before stepping foot in the establishment: sardines.

Sardines in their greatest simplicity: a salty and slightly smoky flavor to bring back a taste of Bolhão market (Porto), its buzzing stands and, of course, insanely fresh sardines.

The cantinho is more of a deli than a restaurant, so they offered my fish in sandwich format. Tucked in soft olive bread, the combination was delightfully smoochy and full of sunshine (the yellow walls might have contributed to the feeling).

All paired with a fuzzy orange Sumol, I left happy in my tummy. IMG_5862 IMG_5869IMG_5866 IMG_5871 IMG_5878 IMG_5884 IMG_5889 IMG_5896 IMG_5903

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