[Mexican: Carlos & Pepe’s] Business in up front, party in the back

IMG_6142Growing up, I’ve always thought of Carlos & Pepe’s as this dodgy bar where one should never be seen. A woman of conviction, I’ve consequently always refused, even during my most turbulent student years, to step foot in the establishment.

Until last week that is, when Y & D made me realize what a terrible mistake I’ve been making all these years. Dragging me to what seemed to be the biggest scam of the year, they uncovered before my eyes the coolness behind door 1420 on Peel Street.

With walls ornamented with sugar skulls and beer tab handles hanging from the ceiling, Carlos & Pepes is a real laid-back corner.

A bit of chili sauce here, a bit of Shakira there, the nachos were so hot – we went for seconds.

P.s. Service is rather particular here. Make sure to order 30 minutes before hunger kicks in to avoid any serious Hanger collateral damages.

P.p.s. Head to the bar on the second floor. C&P’s split between its downstairs restaurant and upper bar works exactly like a mullet; business in up front, party in the back.

IMG_6143 IMG_6154 IMG_6156 IMG_6144 IMG_6159 IMG_6165 IMG_6161 IMG_6169

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