[Cabaret: Pandore] Seduction X Temptation

IMG_6270About a week ago, a mysterious invitation landed in my inbox.

“Come and experience Pandore,” it said, without any further details.

Curious, M and I showed up at the rendez-vous time, backpacked and without a clue what to expect.

As the elevator doors opened on the evening, corset-strapped staff worthy of the most extravagant cabaret greeted us. As they handed over endless glasses of bubbly (One more? Oh only if you insist… :)), it all suddenly made sense: this was a restaurant opening!

A restaurant-cabaret located on the fifth floor of la Vitrine, Pandore promises an evening of seduction and escape. Opened only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, it offers an Asian X Latino fusion menu (reminiscent of SushiSamba anyone?) concocted by Narith Plong and Jean-François Baril.

The evening was a lavish celebration of many punches and canapés. From charming grilled shrimps to a spicy cucumber gazpacho, not to mention the endless supply of oysters provided by Mother Shuckers, the only appropriate thing to say was “hello aphrodisiacs!” In any case, the culinary highlight of the evening was indisputably the stracchino e parmigiano reggiano cheese fondue. Slightly salty, with an air of black truffle, it was paired with a finger of focaccia. Mmmm.

A few drinks later, M and I happily stumbled home, still enveloped by the mysterious velvet halo of the night.

Pandore: a place where anything can happen.  IMG_6242 IMG_6265 IMG_6255 IMG_6246 IMG_6241 IMG_6252 IMG_6232xIMG_6296IMG_6249 IMG_6229 IMG_6275 IMG_6302 IMG_6301 IMG_6336 IMG_6277 IMG_6267 IMG_6305IMG_6307 IMG_6285 IMG_6279 IMG_6273

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