[Café-Bistro: La croissanterie Figaro] A lost corner of Paris

IMG_6495“A lost corner of Paris,” and one of the most delightful terraces in Montreal.

A part of Outremont daily life for more than 30 years now, La Croissanterie Figaro is a much loved place for a coffee on your own or a bite with friends. Floating airs of Edith Piaf surround you now and then, this café-bistro has a gorgeous and inviting ambience that reminds us of la rue de la Gaîté.

Breakfast at La Croissanterie is a ritual for the neighbours, and a daily guilty pleasure for many more.

On the next sunny morning, try to make your way to the corner of Hutchinson and Fairmount. The atmosphere there is like nowhere else, and so is the warm goat cheese salad… ;).IMG_6476 IMG_6483 IMG_6480 IMG_6477 IMG_6503 IMG_6513 IMG_6511 IMG_6516 IMG_6518IMG_6498 IMG_6485

La Croissanterie on Urbanspoon

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