[Terrasse: Cinko] In good Québécois, “Tout à 5 Piasses”

IMG_6719S and I went to geek camp together.

Nevermind the 3650 days that went by, we both still look exactly the same (minus a fabulous beard for him, and one grey hair for me) and continue to be equally obsessed about food.

To celebrate S’s recent move to the Quartier Latin, we agreed to try out the other new kid on the bock: CINKO. The name is unequivocal: everything you’ll order here will cost $5; no more, no less, except for your drink.

A martini for him, vinho verde for me, we quickly made up our minds and picked a haricot salad, Gravlax & Fenel salad, and sweet potato poutine. Despite what the price-tag may suggest, the portions were more than decent. Combined with a bread pudding dessert (walnuts/vanilla ice cream) and an extra drink, we both left full.

Victim of its own success, CINKO’s service is, however, remarkably slow. So if you fancy giving it a try, make sure to be in good company (or at least company that won’t mind putting up with some serious monologues in between dishes). 🙂

IMG_6731 IMG_6734 IMG_6735 IMG_6738 IMG_6741 IMG_6740 IMG_6754 IMG_6742 IMG_6744 IMG_6748 IMG_6755 IMG_6750 IMG_6729

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