[Ice Cream: La Diperie] #drooling

IMG_6558Two weeks ago, the most decadent ice cream picture appeared on my instagram feed. The size of two fists, the soft serve was covered top to bottom in an avalanche of milk chocolate, bulky crumbled almonds and never ending dripping caramel ganache. Identified only by the so-uninformative-yet-teasing hastag #drooling, I was left with zero indication as to how to get my hands on the bad boy.

Never mind the lack of information: the hunt was ON.

After endless research (and stalking) on social media, Urbanspoon finally pointed me in the right direction. La Diperie, 64 Ave Des Pins East.

Because discovering a new place is always more fun with two, I called up C for a little adventure in ice cream land. Uber excited, I manage to arrive twenty minutes ahead of time… Just enough to chat up the new owners, order “La Diperie”’s special (a giant soft dipped in milk choco as described above), and enjoy it to the very last bite before my guest even appeared. That’s how good it was.

By the time C showed up, I was covered up to the elbow in sticky melted dairy. Way bigger than what I could have possibly handled, La Diperie’s specialties are quite a challenge to finish and become a serious race against the clock if you’re sitting under the sun – so beware!

C suggested we go for sangria to wash out her disappointment. Need say no more, we hiked all the way to le Ste-Elizabeth, a gorgeous hidden oasis not far away from le Quartier des Spectacles, for a good pint of chilled fruity wine.IMG_6562 IMG_6563 IMG_6567 IMG_6556 IMG_6570 IMG_6576 IMG_6565 IMG_6552 IMG_6577 IMG_6586 IMG_6578 IMG_6589 IMG_6601

 La Diperie on Urbanspoon

Le Sainte Elisabeth Pub on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “[Ice Cream: La Diperie] #drooling

  1. Hi, you have a lovely blog and pictures. But some time, i have a hard time loading your pics, maybe decrease resolution or post less pics. It takes me 5 mins to get everything uploaded. Thanks!

  2. You seem to discover the best places in Montreal. I love trying out places you’ve visited. Thanks for sharing!

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