[Bar: B1] Spiritual, not alcoholic

IMG_7085At B1 Bar, “one does not drink alcohol, only spirits. One is therefore not alcoholic, but spiritual”.

And it is in this state of bliss that a few of us gathered at the establishment where, I swear, they serve the best concoctions of mixed distilled beverages.

Take their Red Snatcher for example, a drink that would make any Clamato juice blush with jealousy. Forget the days of salt-rimmed glasses; at B1, your Bloody Caesar is served with a delicate layer of foamed celery delivered in a sophisticated coupe glass. Add a bit of sriracha sauce, a good dose of Tanqueray 10 and a dash of Worcestershire sauce (how the hell does one pronounce that word?!), and you get the most unctuous, spicy cocktail in the city.

Also a bartending school during off-hours, B1 is all about educating and sharing secrets. I’ve added below its DIY videos for you to recreate its little gems on your next evening of entertainment obligation. Enjoy!IMG_7095IMG_7098IMG_7088 IMG_7093IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7111 IMG_7135IMG_7133 (1)

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