[bar: le mal nécessaire] My pineapple’s bigger than yours

IMG_7159 (2)

Chinatown is in vogue lately. Contributing to it was the coming of Le Mal Nécessaire, the 300 Sq ft tiki bar recently established on St-Laurent.

Ditching masks and carvings for a clean 50s look, Le Mal Nécessaire brings a modern touch to the Tiki spirit with, naturally, a stellar cocktail list.

P and G both went for the Abacaxi Mai Tai, the colossal Rum/Cointreau/Kaffir Lime Leaf/Orgeat syrup invention served in a full size pineapple. Well balanced and not too sugary, the drink was a tropical feast, although its ice never melted… somewhat cutting time to enjoy it. I ended up choosing the Old Mexican, a pleasant bitter concoction made of Cazadores Blanco/Prosecco/lime.

Food-wise, the bar doesn’t have its own kitchen, but happily takes your order from Fung Shing Restaurant next door. If you fancy a tropical X dumpling mashup, come say hello to the God of neon green pineapples.IMG_7151IMG_7144 IMG_7146 IMG_7153 IMG_7147IMG_7155IMG_7154

Le Mal Necessaire on Urbanspoon
1106B Saint Laurent

(514) 439-9199

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