[Omnivore] foodies of the world, this is yo’ party.


Dim lights

lots and lots of people,

but most importantly,

over a dozen hot chefs, all gathered to give us a snippet of what the buzz is all about.

Time to go all groupie, my friend; let me take you on a tour.

omnivore montreal food blog 1Our tasting started at Giorgio Ravelli, the chef at Upstairs @Ten Bells, the pop-up-turned-restaurant in Shoreditch, London (not LDN Ontario; LDN UK). On the menu? Poached oysters with gin botanicals, seaweed, cucumber and mini cubes of crisp potatoes.

omnivore montreal food blog 25 omnivore montreal food blogTurning to our left, we stopped by the lovely C, serving Marc-André Leclerc’s confit fish crisp tacos.omnivore montreal food blog 22 omnivore montreal food blog 21Next to him was John Winter Russel, formerly Van Horne, presenting mussel shells in seaweed and tomato sauce. I like when my seafood tastes like the sea. And this did. Soft, yet slightly chewy as it should be, the tender mussels were a definite favorite of the night. A special mention goes to the dish’s beautiful presentation. Austere and elegant, John cleverly displayed his bites in a way that allowed us to eat without having our elbows crushed before heading back to other crowded stands.

omnivore montreal food blog 24montreal food blog omnivore 22And speaking of massive crowds, Ivan Shishkin’s fried steak fish with false hollandaise attracted a mob of spectators. The man who revisits traditional Russian dishes fried his fish live on temporary stoves right behind the table. The result? A perfect crisp batter and tender fish that dissolved instantly on the first bite. What is false hollandaise sauce? Not a hollandaise at all, Ivan will tell you, before bursting into semi-evil laughter ;).

omnivore montreal food blog 18 omnivore montreal food blog 17 omnivore montreal food blog 16 omnivore montreal food blog 15I couldn’t visit the Russian chef without paying Gita Seaton a visit, with whom he created an (incredible, apparently) Omnivore “Maudit Souper”. Presenting smoked clams and oyster crackers, we found in Gita’s humble nibblies all the comfort that her food is known for.omnivore montreal food blog 20 omnivore montreal food blog 19In a happy zigzagging spirit, we headed back to the front of the room where La Réserve du Comptoir had kept two last pieces of crostinis just for us. Cousin picked the smoked makarel variation (topped with braised onion, cream, guanciale, lemon and mizuna), while I tried the Armenian-mustard peperoni version. OH my. The spices! A little beauty worth discovering.omnivore montreal food blog 12 omnivore montreal food blog 13

Restaurant Maïs , on the right, roasted octopus with morita, pickled chilli and cream. Tender and not too spicy, a decadent little treat, thank you.

omnivore montreal food blog 27 omnivore montreal food blog 26

Next was Florent and his love of blueberries in a cold soup. With a bit of added shrimp, the broth reminded me somewhat of my mother’s Vietnamese special concoction. We asked him, “did you put fish sauce in this?” to which he laughed and responded that he may try next time. For the moment being, however, it was a vinegar, the name of which I’m afraid my memory failed to remember.

omnivore montreal food blog 10omnivore montreal food blog 11Lots of laughs prompted us to turn around and catch the best visual of the night: foie gras served on people by Simon Mathys, from late Racines. Lady Gaga’s meat dress just got downgraded.

omnivore montreal food blog 6 omnivore montreal food blog 4Finally, our last stop brought us to Martin Juneau’s ginger beer float: vanilla ice cream scooped into Jamaican-style delightfulness.omnivore montreal food blog 8 omnivore montreal food blog 7 omnivore montreal food blog 3 omnivore montreal food blog 2 omnivore montreal food blog 9The hungry crowd slowly made its way to the dance floor, ready to shake off the extra pounds they had gained in a matter of hours. With a bourbon lemonade for the road, we thanked omnivore for this delicious party and promised to come back next year.

OMNIVORE: www.omnivore.com

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Le Comptoir on Urbanspoon Nouveau Palais on Urbanspoon Maïs on Urbanspoon Pastaga on Urbanspoon

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