[Festival Rythmes & Saveurs] City dweller meets nature

IMG_8661A week ago, the lovely S asked if I’d join her on a media trip to St-Donat for a glimpse of the festival Rythmes et Saveurs.



For someone who rarely (never) ventures beyond the orange line, that sounded like quite an adventure.

Equipped with my fully charged cameras, two layers of sunscreen, and a jacket for the breeze (it’s North of Montreal after all), I jumped into a van on a sunny morning, and along with seven other lovely ladies headed to St-Donat!

Rythmes et Saveurs is three days of gatherings and celebration of local Quebec products. Before heading to the white tent where all the vendors showcased their know how, the local crew thought it would be good to show the city dwellers how beautiful nature is. Given that my skyline usually ends at… my neighbor’s garage door, it was a brilliant idea.

Today’s agenda therefore started with a boat ride on Lake Ouareau and a trek for a bird’s-eye view of the region. st-donat montreal food snob st-donat montreal food snob 16 mtl food snob 1Breathtaking, isn’t it? st-donat montreal food snob 14 st-donat montreal food snob 13Having filled our lungs with naturally filtered air and seen more green than I would have after a lifetime in the salad alley at Costco, we made a well deserved stop at the local bakery. Here, macchiatos are made with white chocolate ganache and pies are shipped all over North America. Yup, this town of 4000 people is a celebrity in the pastry world thanks to its incredible creamy fudge and [insert the fruit of your choice, preferably a berry] pies.montreal food snobIMG_8745 st-donat montreal food snob 10 st-donat montreal food snob 9Although we were well replenished, we headed to the white tent to discover great products “Made in Quebec” and found a way to stuff some in. Next time you’re at the SAQ, give the fortified wine from Domaine Kildare a try. All of their products are made with maple syrup and, honestly, every sip is a sugar shack party.st-donat montreal food snob 12 st-donat montreal food snob 6 st-donat montreal food snob 5 st-donat montreal food snob 8 mtl food snob 2 st-donat montreal food snob 7Finally, in good food bloggers’ spirit, we all headed to Chez Victor for one last bite. A local joint with a chef who is also a jeweler, Chez Victor found a way to stretch our bellies some more.st-donat montreal food snob 4 st-donat montreal food snob 3 st-donat montreal food snob 2montreal food snob 2014 st-donat montreal food snob 1

Chatting through the evening, we finally made it back to the city in the wee hours of the night. Thanks for the lovely day St-Donat; it was a pleasure meeting you :).

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