[Brunch: Ma’tine] Corn on the cob

ma'tine montreal food blogIn great communal spirit, Ma’tine threw a corn on the cob party for the neighborhood. Forget your uncle’s burnt BBQ; this get-together, just like Ma’tine’s cuisine, was made with much gusto and elegance. ma'tine montreal food blog 3On the spacious patio where homegrown herbs are displayed, guests were invited to prep their desired number of cobs. Aperitifs were magically brought to us hard workers: thirst quenching red for C, fresh rosé for JR, and dry white for me. ma'tine montreal food blog 2 ma'tine montreal food blog 1As the three of us almost made our way through the entire box of corn, the staff gladly took away our stripped cobs. The boiled cobs were brought back to us within minutes, steaming juicy hot. ma'tine montreal food blog 4 ma'tine montreal food blog 5Along with the butter and salt came a corn soup. The latter was coconutty, sumptuous, and somewhat reminded me of the flavours you might find in a comforting thai concoction. ma'tine montreal food blog 6C and JR had just migrated to my side of the table to get a better view of all the happy feasting people when gorgeous treats came out from the kitchen: maple chouquettes fillled with coffee cream. Topped with a marinated plum, these little delights disappeared into our bellies before our waiter even had time to turn around.ma'tine montreal food blog 9 ma'tine montreal food blog 7 ma'tine montreal food blog 8 ma'tine montreal food blog 10 ma'tine montreal food blog 12 ma'tine montreal food blog 11 All in all, Ma’tine threw a lovely party that gave us a taste of their friendly service, charming ambiance, and most importantly, culinary know-how. But who am I to say that; you’ve probably already heard about their out-of-this-world brunches and lunches.

So, see you there? 😉

1310, Maisonneuve Est, Montreal, Quebec H2L2A5 (514) 439-9969

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