[Coffee: Flash Expresso] top secret.

flash expresso montreal food blog 5Notre-Dame Street just keeps on getting better by the day. The latest on the strip? Flash Expresso, a photo studio X coffee shop.

Run by two energetic ladies, the place aims to be a regular hangout place for “hardworking” students, gazing couples and soon enough, fashionable yuppies in search for the city’s it 5 à 7.

The beverages here are taken very seriously. Tea infusions are timed to the nearest second and coffee beans are sent all the way from their beloved Saguenay Lac St Jean (lâ lâ, can you hear the accent?). The décor is minimalist and sophisticated, with a hidden covered terrace in the back – which I have now adopted as my new productivity haven!

Still a secret, but not for long, Flash Expresso recently soft launched to the regulars of Notre-Dame Ouest. Get there and grab a seat before everyone else does.

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2471, rue Notre-Dame O, Montréal, QC


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6 thoughts on “[Coffee: Flash Expresso] top secret.

  1. Wow! This place look so awesome, I love your photos! It’s hard to believe it’s in Montreal because I’ve never ventured to such cool places. You know the gems, that’s for sure.

    • You’re too kind! Thanks for passing by 🙂 I’d definitely recommend you give this place a try. The owners are extremely friendly and it’s not even 5 minutes away from Metro Lionel-Groulx 🙂

  2. Looks like a cool place for a drink. Just one question though: I see that they have somewhat of a “photography” theme. Are the owners into photography themselves? Or is the theme just a segue from the stores name?

    • One of the owner is a photographer indeed! Their business is split in two: one is a barista, the other runs a photo business. I hear they’re also open to accommodate special projects (i.e. movie settings and stuff) 🙂

  3. Hi, do you happen to know what their opening hours are? Every time I pass by they are either closed or closing…. and there are no hours mentioned on their door or website. Thanks!

    • Hi Shawni,

      They’re usually open Tuesday-Sunday from 10am til 5ish. I think opening hours also depend on photo-shoots and other special projects. Best would be to call them ahead: 514-507-6400. Hope it helps!

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